SPS Legal

International consulting company, which assists its clients in registration process and opening accounts abroad

SPS Legal is a team of highly qualified professionals in such fields as international consulting, auditing, administration of foreign companies and overseas property management.

Our employees — lawyers, consultants, and auditors — are well versed in the finer points of their profession, fluent in English and other languages, and are interesting, versatile persons.

We provide reliable, comfortable, and confidential service.
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Why Us?

SPS Legal can rightly be called a unique company. We have gained extensive experience and expertise, applying an innovative approach, which, together with responsibility, commitment, and profound knowledge of Russian and international law, enables us to carry out the tasks other companies fail to perform. We possess a special insight, thus providing elegant, truly exclusive and effective solutions.

Our partners are indeed becoming trusted friends of the company, and the outreach of our cooperation activity has a global dimension. We are able to engage the best Russian and foreign lawyers and auditors to undertake difficult tasks.

SPS Legal deals only with reliable and trusted providers.

The company has continuously enhanced the quality of its services (auditing and consulting, in particular), giving them a renewed meaning. We can harmonize Russian and Western mindsets and are well aware of how things work in Russia and countries of the West. For many years, SPS Legal has been in charge of multi-stage international business operations and achieved success in this field.

We remain faithful to our principles: the highest standards of professionalism and competence; confidentiality; willingness to take on and successfully tackle the most challenging tasks; case-by-case, client-friendly approach regardless the cost of the contract. We see everyone we work with as a friend and a partner.

Our Advantages

Direct registrars
Follow-up services
Case-by-case approach
Wide range of activities
Large legal staff

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to find an individual approach to each client and offer tailored solutions for each particular case.

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