An entity incorporated in Canada is not considered as an offshore one. Non-residents can establish a tax-exempt company by registering a Limited Partnership (LP). In terms of corporate and tax law, Canadian legislation on partnerships is based on English law and applied in a similar way as the one regulating activities of Scottish and Irish LP which have been in demand by international business community for many years.

6 simple steps to purchase a company

  1. choosing a country

  2. choosing a bank

  3. payment (by any method)

  4. sending documents

  5. company registration

  6. bank account opening

Essential features

  1. Foreign income is not subject to taxation
  2. No requirements for audit reports and financial statements are imposed
  3. Over 100 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, signed agreements on avoidance of double taxation with Canada
  4. No requirements for the amount of authorized and paid-up capital are set down
  5. Both individuals and entities of any residency may act as partners of a Canadian LP. It should be also noted that LP can be registered with the sole founder, the latter being at the same time a general and a limited partner
  6. General partner bears unlimited personal liability for the debts of the business while limited partner’s liability shall not exceed the amount of his or her capital contribution

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