The state of Liechtenstein is a micro-state located in Western Europe. The Principality lies between Austria and Switzerland.
Despite its size, the state is a thriving industrialised country with a developed financial services sector and a high standard of living. GDP per capita is one of the first in the world. The main industries are metalworking, precision instruments, optics, vacuum technology, electronic systems and microprocessors. Agriculture is specialised mainly in pasture livestock production of meat and dairy. Traditionally developed winemaking. The foothills and lower slopes of the mountains are occupied by orchards and vineyards. Local grape varieties produce high quality wines.

German is the state language. The official currency is the Swiss franc.
It is worth noting that the Principality is not a member of the European Union, but a member of the European Economic Area; a member of the Schengen Agreement. The state has an active foreign policy aimed at international integration and cooperation with other countries in the world. The Principality is a member of international organisations: IAEA, WTO, UN, WIPO, ITU, etc.

6 simple steps to purchase a company

  1. choosing a country

  2. choosing a bank

  3. payment (by any method)

  4. sending documents

  5. company registration

  6. bank account opening

Main advantages

From all the possible types of advantages that open up to the founders when incorporating a company, it is definitely worth noting:

  1. Regulators only control the real estate sector and the financial sector in terms of overseas investments.
  2. A stable political environment for many years.
  3. Lack of currency controls.
  4. Not included in offshore blacklists.

Organisational and legal forms of companies

According to current laws in Liechtenstein, it is possible to incorporate your company in the following legal forms:

The German legal structures of AG and GmbH - joint stock company (public company), limited liability company.

Joint Stock Company (AG)

Under this organisational and legal structure, the company is managed by a management board, which consists of at least 1 director. The issue of bearer shares is authorised.

Limited liability company (GmbH)

A minimum of one director and two members are required to register this type of company.

Features of company incorporation

Based on the analysis of the current legislation regulating the activities of business entities, the following can be highlighted with regards to the specifics of the process of registering your business:

  1. In most cases, in order to register a company in Liechtenstein, it is also necessary to obtain a licence for future activities. Please note that certain activities require a licence in accordance with special laws.
  2. Expensive costs to maintain the company's operations on an annual basis.
  3. The payment of the full amount of the share capital before registration activities.
  4. At least one director of the company must have the status of a resident.

Taxes and fees

The state has the following features for levying taxes and fees

Regardless of the line of business and location, companies in Liechtenstein pay an annual mandatory tax in the amount of 1,800 Swiss francs.

The standard income tax rate is 12.5%.

The following types of income are not taxable:

  1. Rental payments from renting out your own property abroad,
  2. Receipt of funds from sale,
  3. Dividends from local or foreign firms.
  4. Investment income from the sale of shares, corporate rights.

Basic VAT rate: 7.7%.

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