Opening overseas accounts

For more than 17 years, we have concentrated our activities on company registration and opening foreign bank accounts

We provide support to our clients at each stage of remote account opening in a foreign bank. The qualified staff of the company, being familiar with the specificities in offshore legislation, assists our clients in selecting the most suitable jurisdiction, facilitates and accelerates payment procedure as well ensuring its fairness, and furthermore, provide subsequent processing of the required documents. We will continue to guide you until you get a key to access the client-bank system.

More than 17 years since its establishment, our company has opened tens of thousands of accounts for our clients.

We guarantee confidentiality, technical support, and reasonable cost of services.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to find an individual approach to each client and offer tailored solutions for each particular case.

Our advantages

6 simple steps to purchase a company

  1. choosing a country

  2. choosing a bank

  3. payment (by any method)

  4. sending documents

  5. company registration

  6. bank account opening

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