SPS Legal renders services on legal support of intellectual property issues and international registration of trademarks for protection of means of individualization of a service, goods, company. Protection of copyright objects from written works and computer programs to chip topologies and NFT.
  • Trademarks

    • International registration of trademarks and service marks at local patent offices.
    • Preliminary search and examination of trademarks for protectability.
    • Amendment of trademark registration.
    • Brand registration and protection against illegal use. Online brand protection, including DMCA disputes
    • Trademark renewal.
    • Interaction with patent offices.
    • Recognition of a trademark as common knowledge.
    • Registration of trademarks in customs registers
    • Registration of place of origin
  • Copyright

    • Protection of rights for computer programs (Protection of program code against unauthorized copying).
    • Registration of databases
    • Registration of integrated circuit topologies
    • Copyright protection
    • Drafting agreements for the alienation of intellectual property rights
    • Working with copyright protection of artists, including minor actors.
  • Franchising support

    • Preparation of license agreements
    • Development of commercial concession (franchising) agreements
    • Formation of a portfolio of intellectual property transferred within the franchise (know-how, trademark, etc.)
    • Preparation of supporting documentation necessary for the buyer to start the franchise (a set of agreements for the provision of services, internal documentation).
  • Trade secret

    • Development of regulations on trade secrets
    • Preparation of internal documentation to ensure the operation of the commercial secret regime.
    • Creating non-disclosure agreements with employees and ensuring their material responsibility for the disclosure of trade secrets.
    • Development of NDAs with counterparties to protect trade secrets from disclosure to third parties.

Trademark registration process

Service agreement and
preliminary search
Fill out the form or request a consultation. An expert will contact you within 24 hours to help you start registering your trademark. Will help you arrange the first payment for a preliminary trademark search.
Filing a trademark
Preparing and filing an application for trademark registration in the country of application for registration of the designation as a trademark or service mark.
Trademark Registration
After the payment institution reviews the application to open an account, an approval or request for additional data may be received.
Registering a trademark and obtaining a certificate
If the account is successfully opened, the client or proxies get access to the account, and we receive a success fee for successful intromotion.
  • A trademark protects only specific categories of goods and services in a particular territory.
    For example, you registered the trademark "Horns and Spurs" in class 29 of the IPC - for the sale of dairy and meat products. Nevertheless, no one will forbid another person to use a similar mark for the name of the brand of soap. Each trademark is unique and requires registration in those classes in which it is used and sometimes in the classes in which you plan to develop in the future. Similarly, the effect of a trademark applies only in the territory of a particular country and for expansion requires an additional international registration of the trademark.
  • There can be several trademarks, depending on what the desired mark for registration looks like.
    Each case may take a different approach to trademark registration. The mark can be both text-based (e.g., "Delicious, question mark") and graphic (logo), or it can combine both text and graphic elements (e.g., a combination of text and graphic elements, to submit for protection in a class where there are similar marks). In addition, depending on the client's trademark protection strategy, trademarks can sometimes take unique forms - music trademarks as jingles in front of your favorite TV series, volumetric trademarks to protect cups or other objects.
  • Not every mark is worth registering

    Some marks in certain classes can often be quite "weak" and fail to pass registration. Some professionals take advantage of a client's ignorance and agree to register by accepting funds for a full trademark registration. We always start with a preliminary trademark search, unless such a service has previously been performed by the client on their own, and only then proceed to trademark registration.

  • Registering a trademark is a long process
    In most cases trademark registration takes from 7 months and can last more than a year. Of course, there are positive conclusions from this situation, which may differ from one jurisdiction to another, but on average, trademark registration requires time, patience and a thorough approach to the case, so that the time spent will not be wasted.
About trademarks, trade names and brands - what's the difference and what to protect?
A trade name is a feature of the designation and imagery that makes a product distinctive from others on the market. It is unregistered and has no other than copyright protection (and only if successfully proven) to make a product or service different from others.

A trademark is a name or other "trademark" registered with the patent office of a particular country associated with a product. A trademark in a certain class is subject to greater rights to protect it from copying and use by third parties.

A brand is a set of features and elements of a product, which no longer just make it unique in the market, but recognizable and generally recognized. In most cases, by this stage there are already registered trademarks, as many may also try to copy a recognizable brand. Otherwise, the product simply will not have such protection.
Benefits of trademark registration
  • Combating counterfeit
    Protection against unauthorized copying of the trademark and its use on other goods allows not only to limit its use, but also to prohibit such attempts.
  • Opportunities for tax optimization
    In many jurisdictions, royalty deductions allow you to optimize your income deductions with greater efficiency and at a lower tax rate.
  • Company capitalization
    The presence of registered trademarks increases the value of the company's assets and increases its attractiveness in attracting investors, as well as the value of the possible sale of the business.
  • Say "no" to patent trolls!
    Often, unfair competition can result in the registration of a trademark that you used without proper registration. This method is especially common with domain names.
  • Franchise development opportunities
    If you transfer brand rights under a franchise agreement, you also transfer trademark rights, which significantly increases the attractiveness of your franchise.
  • Prohibition on use by competitors
    Registration of a trademark will not only allow you to prohibit its use by competitors, but also to obtain compensation in court in the event that such actions are revealed.
  • Why is protection necessary?
    Unauthorized use of someone else's intellectual property varies. Someone can appropriate the copyright on material created by another author (an example is "borrowing" motifs in music), or copy a program and sell it as their own. Protecting such rights allows not only compensation, but also the prohibition of illegal use.
  • How can I protect the
    source code of the software?
    In terms of law, the source code or as it is more correct to say the "Computer program" is protected by the rules of law, which were established in the XIX century and is seen as a kind of written works, the authors of which are also entitled to protection, as the authorship and intellectual property rights.
  • Movies, TV, bloggers and streamers

    Often, issues of intellectual property and its use arise for content creators. From issues with actors, to the use of music or references to companies or brands. Our team has extensive experience in handling media and will help not only avoid risks, but also protect your rights.

  • Trade secret
    An issue that is often not considered by many clients and professionals in their work. Nevertheless, ensuring a properly functioning trade secret regime allows not only to create an initially correct order of work with intellectual property, but also to reduce the risks of its leakage.


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